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Kevlar Work Gloves

Kevlar work gloves represent one type of product from the collection of protective apparel manufactured by DuPont™ Kevlar® brand. They, along with other kinds of equipment items, deliver the power of performance to workers that face the risks of getting cut, of abrasion and high heat hazards. Moreover, they meet the specific performance and protection requirements of a diverse group of industries from auto industry to glass handling, metal stamping and computer assembly. This way, workers can safely and comfortably accomplish their tasks employing their full potential in some of the most soliciting environments.

Kevlar work gloves are encountered in manufacturing and industrial environments in general, but other professions resort to them as well, such as lumber jacks, landscapers, butchers, chefs and fishermen. Kevlar is a material patented by DuPont in 1965 consisting of fibers that are both strong and lightweight, which makes it ideal to be used in the fabrication of safety gear. The fiber material developed by the ones from the chemical company DuPont was designed to protect astronauts from the extreme heat conditions when they re-entered the Earth's atmosphere. Also being heat and cut resistant, the Kevlar work gloves won't melt, conduct electricity or catch fire. The durability and resilience of this material was compared to that of the steel.

Very comfortable, these gloves do not overlook their primary purpose, that of protecting individuals performing in the most hazardous working environments from the perils of glass, assembly-line blades, sheet metal and abrasives. Their use has even extended to the submarine world, where the scuba divers employ such material to avoid getting cut from sharp coral and rocks. Nevertheless, the material has its own drawback which resides in its vulnerability to ultraviolet light, which can break it. Hence, long-term and constant exposure to the sun is not a condition to be overcome by the Kevlar work gloves.

These products are available in several varieties. Some models are designed to enhance the wearer's grip although working with heavy oil or other lubricants. Avoiding contamination on food manufacturing environments is another premise that prompted the fabrication of another line of Kevlar gloves, which prevents dust, fuzz and lint. Kevlar heat resistant gloves, a third type, have the property of withstanding heat up to 540 degrees Fahrenheit (282 degrees Celsius) and can be used even in kitchen, instead of oven mitts. Kevlar work gloves can be washed and dried over and over again without getting spoiled. The material is reversible, which allows one to wear them for a long time. Worn beneath other gloves, they act like a protective liner. The production line includes dishwater- safe varieties, from which chefs and other food service professionals can benefit.